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Finance from Hunter Grinders

·         Finance : “ every buying decision means a financial decision “

o        Cashflow

o        Capital Budgeting

o        Cost

·         Cashflow :

o        Match expenditure to current and future income

o        Match period of agreement to working life of machinery

·         Capital Budgeting :

o        Spread the cost of acquisition

o        Match payments to budgets/cashflows

o        Bring forward essential investment

o        More flexibility in capital planning

o        Additional credit line

·         Cost :

o        You know the price of a machine today; only know the cost on disposal

o        Opportunity cost of capital; other investment the club must make

·         Benefits of finance :

o        Choice of options gives flexibility

o        Maintenance can be included in rentals

o        Match investment to cash flow

o        Fixed cost agreements enable confident and accurate budgeting

o        Additional credit line for the club

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